To think that one is considerate is rare. Today marks a very oddly deep thinking day (yet again) . As my usual Saturday routine, I always go hashing at Bkt Gasing (with or w/o companion) and usually when I go alone that I think the most (duh)

Today I saw 5 owned dogs medium and small ones. It is not uncommon to see dogs during hashing. And it is not the time that argues whether I like dogs or not. But the thing is, it is very inconsiderate because the pathway is very small and some dogs are let loose and the best thing is there are Malay hashes. I mean do the dog owner thinks about them? they can't even touch a tiny BIT else they are unclean. We need more respect with races.

Again half-way through, the bubbly song is ringing in the air. I absolutely hate it. I mean what makes you think I would want to listen to bubbly right now? To have city noise in the JUNGLE is absolutely spoiling. I love the nature sound. If you don't, put on your earphone please. It offended me (kinda) It is unconsiderate and rude.


Back in church. Today is undi '08 and yes there are less than 50% members present and we suppose to call it off but we manage to call and pull somemore people to come which totally is not a good idea because that delayed the meeting to 4:30. Beacause it is a spiritual gathering it seems.

I am fine with that idea as long as they don't push it to next week and cancel youth again. And yes we all prayed for deacon to be chosen but praying every round of voting is hmmmm... Then some "important stuff" seems unimportant like choosing a project leader. No need pray adhoc ask the member to take up the role?

Then we have lowered the percentage of members present to change the constitution no need pray straight change?? Of course you say pray then it takes time la then very late go back. So the family meeting is indeed a long one as usual because in between got advertisment on special pastors and preachers

And the youths! of course when I need help I can't find any well except 2 anyway. Yea

"I am not a member so what for I come?"
"Count ballot can?"
"Dowan la I want to go other place la not free"
"It is youth time wor"
"yah not free"
"k Lor"

Many thanks to those who help out in the balloting and registration. Yeah you know who you are. God bless you.

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Felicia said...

me being perasaan says ur welcome. even though i had to be locked out but no hard feelings. haha =D