My new hair!

Wel. Had to cut so i look gud in kk. New found saloon near ofice. Coolness. Cheap too! And i am blogging fr jojo's phone. Awesomness!

Edit: Blogging from phone is expensive lor like RM1 per post like that. Well almost that amount la. I tried using PACMEE lagi worst MMS is like RM1.30 crazy. But why I swap phone with her so I can picture blog from KK lol! coolness right? I know I know


fangz said...

no wonder ur photo is not centralized larz

malaysia and the rest of the world are finally catching up on tech *gandong

Joleen said...

wa leng chai lol

:: J o h n :: said...

cacat dao no centralized.

we are still far ahead. oh well that one can't blame coz very few phone is equipped with wifi and I use the old pathetic GPRS to send

Though, I think it is so much faster than before already.

fangz said...

u mean far behind issit (-_- ")

angeliCassie said...

waaa bro john not bad not bad..great means you'll update though you're at KK..and pls pls try some jump shots up there yea =D weeeeeeeeeeeeee