Like half boiled eggs

The thing with half boil eggs you can never get it 100% correctly You never know how long is long and when enough is enough. Like Food business you can never get it wrong. It is either you make or get complain.

The last night of camp was rather tense. Me and Steph were in charge of half-boil eggs to sell to our campers. I went down early to the hall set up everything and start boiling eggs. I never knew how long and thus we kept wasting eggs i think more than 20 eggs goes to waste because it was uncook or too cook. And I kept experimenting till I got it right with the induction cooker but it was too late because there aren't anymore customers left.

However half way through our selling what would go wrong went completely disastrous. The power failed, we burnt many switches, the food delayed angry customers, tensed workers, super tensed head chef and manager. Then something spawn out and more emoistics were born it spread like birdflu and before long it was thick as dark clouds.

I did not caught the birdflu because I stood my ground. But alas, it is time to pack up and call it a night. But during packing, more things happen and I don't like what I see but yet at the same time I am too tired to change it and that's when I was struck down with the birdflu thinking about what have I done and what have I not done? Am I who I thought I am or am I just getting by? Did I begin to light incense in the temple of God like Uzziah did? Did I buy the Syrian armies just like Asa did?

But Just like half boiled eggs you can't really know what are in those little eggs all you can do is guessing about how close and correct you are to getting half boiled eggs. You will never know whether you are correct until you cracked them because outside all you can see is the shell. Raw, half done and cook looks all the same. I tried to talk to the eggs and ask them "Are you done?"but no. Little eggs do not talk. None of them will. In that case I cant help it but wonder - am I a good cook?


fangz said...

erm I think one can actually tell whether the eggs are done or not. if not all the kopitiams that serve half-boiled eggs and kaya toast will be bankrupt by now

paisehz only focus on the eggs (-_- ")

angeliCassie said...

waaa the last pic so yeng wei..teach me how to do that k when i see you =p