Alpha Dog

Alright, I lost my green camera so I decided to replace it with a more pro camera which cost me RM1800 T.T Actually I bought it more expensive because I think the "live view" is pretty good for a newbie whom I can ask to take pictures for anything.

Here it is Alpha 300.

Alot of people kept shooting me down because I go for SONY. Sony exclusive la. No good la. Eat your money la. They make better TV. So yea why I decided to go for Sony hmm, it has alot of technology goods built into it. Like steady shots, wireless flash etc etc etc which other low end camera do not have. (OK this is gonna bore you, I shall stop)

Right, so far I only manage to take 80 pictures. I haven't got time to play with it yet but, I WANT TO GO BACK TO FILM!!! This is so hard to master. DSLR. But maybe the lens is bad enough... Ahh hmm I can see some of you dozing off reading this so nvm, I shall leave you with one pic that I took forever to shoot. No, the camera do not have that setting, I photoshopped


peterblaise said...

Nice. I notice different colors between the camera and the lens cap. Even with film, you'd go crazy trying to color match. But you can. You can.

The camera body Alpha-orange =
~R240 ~G196 ~B191
(plus or minus not much).

The lens cap Alpha-orange =
~R240 ~G072 ~B040
(plus or minus not much).

Sony's web site Alpha-orange =
~R255 ~G124 ~B011
(plus or minus not much).

So, your challenge is to get it accurate:

1 - Find Sony's TRUE Alpha-orange color specification.

2 - Make your Alpha-orange CAPTURE result in the same sampled color.

3 - Or (an unsatisfactory alternative), make your output match regardless of your color capture accuracy!

... unless the lens cap and the camera body are truly different colors. But, of course, they will always appear to be different colors under different lighting conditions!

Are we having fun yet?

Hey, I'm just messing with ya! Share some personal, artistic, expressive pics with impact when you get a chance!

Love and hugs,
Peter Blaise
Minolta Rokkor Alpha DiMage Photographer

:: J o h n :: said...

Ah thanks Peter,

Seems like you're a pro editor and long time photographer to me. I notice that my picture appear different on different monitor. I shall try to edit as you say.

Thanks a bunch.

peterblaise said...

Hey John,

Just razzin' ya. Photography is for fun. Enjoy.

You seemed to be strugglin' with your new camera, so I thought I'd add to your load! Hahahaha.

No, really, I took a photography course at a local community college, and a student who had some wonderful pictures got caught up in the color matching challenge. While the rest of us were printing big and seeing our photos on paper, this student ended up pixel-peeping on screen all the time trying to color-correct every color, tweaking RGB curves forever. Maybe they'll become a color master someday, who knows?

I just noticed that the deep Alpha-orange on the lens cap picture was so different from the light Alpha-orange on the camera body. I'll bet the camera body picture you share is from Sony, right? It's EXIF data says it was taken by a Phase One H25 camera. Do you have one of those? ;-) The EXIF data from your lens cap picture shows it's from a Sony DSLR-A300.

Anyway, color is in the eye of the beholder, and it makes sense that it appears different from scene to scene. I think that your picture, however, is one of the highest class shots I've seen yet of an Alpha lens cap. Kudos to you. Well worth the effort, and an excellent portfolio piece as a sample "product shot" if ever there was one. Fhil Hunter, co-author of the book "Light: Science and Magic: An Introduction to Photographic Lighting" would be proud.

Your other photo's EXIF say "Adobe Photoshop CS2 Windows", so I wasn't sure if they were Alpha-shots. If they are, Photoshop is killing the original EXIF. Ouch!

Take a look at Alpha-photographer David Kilpatrick's excellent exploration of color at (and a nice exploration of the Sony Alpha line to date at ).

Love and hugs,
Peter Blaise
Minolta Rokkor Alpha DiMage Photographer

:: J o h n :: said...

Wow, That thought me a huge lesson in color matching to perfection!

Oh no sir, I do not own a Phase One camera. If I own that I would not get myself an a300. And I would shoot the lens cap with that.

You're right regarding the color of the lens cap and the camera. The camera is a little bit different and it glows.

I have checked the color of RGB of the lens cap and it matches the one that you commented earlier.

Yea I recheck the EXIF and Photoshop ruined my original EXIF. Anycase, In anycase it is just the creation software the rest of it is still intact!

I also notice that your website do not have any recent updates... Or info about you. You're a photograph for a living or as a hobbyist?

Thanks again!

Joash Wee said...

sorry to butt in here. Awesome! Gotta let me fiddle with it when im back John? hehe

peterblaise said...

I photograph for a loving!

I fix computers for a living.

Alpha-wise, I seem to enjoy being a generation or so behind, banking on USED gear that you all can't tolerate anymore. Hey, once you've scrubbed off the new price and profit margins, I'm happy to take over on the cheap!

My is a clearinghouse front page. Perhaps Googleing and Google-imaging [peterblaise] and ["peter blaise"] will show you more contemporaneous stuff from me from all over?

There's always something new coming soon ... coming soon ... coming soon ...

Love and hugs,
Peter Blaise
Minolta Rokkor Alpha DiMage Photographer

:: J o h n :: said...

Ah Joash boy~ yea of course u can come back here and play with it
Ah. I am also looking for some old KM lenses. But not purchasing any at least for a few months. I am totally broke just getting the 300

But currently the beercan and baby beercan is getting lessor by the day on ebay... haha have you got one of those? heard they are legendary!

angeliCassie said...

nyehe..when will i get to meet the alpha orange dog?weeee can't wait can't wait!