Finally, decided to erm burn another hole in my pocket. I have been carrying my camera around with my backpack with laptop compartment and I thought that wasn't really an ideal choice. I did not buy the camera bag the other day because I couldn't find what I wanted and good ones are 300-500 range which is beyond me.

So today I went and purchase it from a guy who happen to carry the series of bag into Malaysia. Bagman 05 (I have no idea what the real name is but that's what people call it) Well, although I would prefer 'Crumpler' but it is too expensive. I love 'Crumpler' series of bag name

Image from Crumpler

I wanted to get the 5 million dollar home but it would cost a lot (not 5 million though) So I opt for cheaper alternative and whoala~~ Bagman 05

Part of it I like is because that the character that came with that bag. It reminds me of Pon and Zi only happier

This thing makes it looks so alive. Haha. Although its not really that hensem

Er this is the further instruction. Although, I am not that stupid enough to give it to a wombat. Although, WOMBAT is so so so cute!

The inside of this bag. With a zipper compartment, there is another compartment at the front too. Real handy.

This is where I keep my camera with all those pad preventing damage to it. Nice? This won't last me if I have like 5 lenses. Haha that would mean I would upgrade to another bag. Although, I think 5 lens is too much already. I love this bag it is real handy.. (for now)

And how much for the bag?

RM160!!!!! Yes. I burn a very big hole. But think of it. Rm160 to protect a Rm1800 not that bad wert right? RIGHT!


Man I kept delaying on my freelance. got to get it done so I have cash!!


I am getting familiar to the camera already. I can set it and all. Though, I still miss the Nikon one handed feel and easier shutter dial turning, But this would do. I kept forgetting that I can play with ISO. Though, I really hate fiddling with it because my previous camera I kept it at 400 all the time (of course its a point and shoot) so I had no confidence to push it higher.

But this one surprises me truly. at 1600 the image quality is still superb. I love it. Though I should refrain myself from using it lol. Crank it up to 3200 is getting a bit yea out of hand already.

The Super Steady Shots rocks too. And oh did the live view get used? Rarely. Only at place I could not reach like the floor and also it is good to use as white balance adjustment although it is still not accurate, but giving it to somebody who does not go to OVF would help I suppose =)

Ok I know most of you don't really understand what I talking. So yea gonna leave it as it is!

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