Get rid of that costume already!

img via Josiah's blog

Ok, I am not a racist, I am not against Songkok but can we get rid of that costume already? I am talking about that Baju Melayu and more significantly the color YELLOW... In case you miss Malaysia's march in in Beijing, the pic above is our costume.

I am not against Baju Melayu either, I am just really fedup and sick of the ideology behind it. Yeah Malaysia's government always emphasize that we are multiracial, we have unity and bla bla bla yet racism still exist which is another topic for another day but yes government always want to show the world OWH Malaysia is so so so beautiful with different kinds of people indeed our tag line was Malaysia - Truly Asia. I have talked about this before that other countries also contains multiracial citizens not only Malaysia.

The idea behind is always to promote MALAYSIA at all cost in every event and in everything we must make ourselves big big and prominent! And fitting them into uniforms is one of the ways. Oh yes, we make them wear traditional clothes in all events. Olympics S.E.A games whatever it is... Even our F1 girls also pakai baju kurung while the rest of the world are in 2 piece swim suit.

So what I trying to say is, once a while change costume can? Very sien liao keep seeing the same clothing, I mean it is hard be creative in this kind of clothing. Let me assure you, no one is gonna come see Malaysia by us wearing the clothings. Or even if they do come is because they wanted to see the people that lived on the trees. Is this what we want the whole to see who we are?

I guess really it is find to fit us in those costume as long as we are keeping and proud of our culture... But the problem is, we are not.

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