unPassion to passion

Based on my previous post, I was rather excited for passion and I truly am... well not until that event draw near.

On Ticketing
1st, I am sort of the 'organizer' because I so happen know how to do a couple of clicks and > tada! got tickets. I went through a lot of hassle because dealing with people in the states is not that easy since they kept changing their system that made me really stressed up. Because if I don't do it properly my head will end up in between 'be' and 'ed'

As if it is not tough enough, people then have to ask me to buy for their friends which I do not know... at all. I was doubting whether should I do so or not That's totally cool too I mean I can help and all also la no harm right? Since a couple of clicks is totally easy. But the stress don't end there. Some even ask me to buy for a friend's friend. hur? What is this? facebook entourage?

I was glad that the passes are sold out and thus end my stress. Or does it? A lot people then wanted tickets and like ask me for it. I very malas nak bother them which is not normally me. I would go to the ends of the earth purchasing. This time I just said NO. Reason? I hate lastminuters.

So I was offered 4 extra ticket from a old good friend. K fine, I offer it up la see got any buyers like from my church or something but later found out that the 3 tickets I took up was for their friends. K I am beyond words liao. Nvm la suak la since old good friend got extra don't waste also good.

On 'why need to be there so early?'
This one lagi stress. Walao wei. I ask everyone to be there at 3pm (event start at 6pm, door open at 5pm queue start at 4pm) and all I got for response is

"Do we need to be there at 3?"
"Why need to come so early?"
"I come later la"

Just come at 3 la cannot ar? Actually my initial plan was to go after service, eat there and start camping. But then I thought about it, thinking I am gonna be running around anyway so yea no need that early gua. Yea I know they sent out facebook saying queue starts at 4pm but I've been to alot of concerts already this is my 3rd this year and Yes I do know what a free seating craze look like.

And of course after that expect to sit with us. Well luckily, everyone arrived on time and they manage to queue a little while with us.

So just let them be la come late only wert. Nope, 1st I have to hold the tickets for those that didn't claim. If I leave anyone out, I will feel totally bad because I am incharge right? Yes. A responsibility is a responsibility like it or not.

But yes, if you ever go for free seating, queue at least 3 hours earlier than said time.

On "Thanks for the offer, but I don't need a floor"

I guess this is the last part and the one that really drove me up to the wall. This incident reminded me of a GT concert 2 years ago where we drove Pastor Nirhal up the wall as well. Well, I did make sarcastic remark at that and now I got a 'what you sow you'll reap' effect

Our gang of 30+ members splited into half. Half of them were jam infront of the waiting line cramp up... Half others were not insane to do that so they fall back towards the end of the line where there's ample room of breathing space. I came up very much later because of obvious reason, I decided to go to the end of the line gang because they are still normal whereas the gang infront were already concert high as usual. HAHA

And the door flung open. And that is like the Dam gate has open. So we got seated. And we sat near middle at the side. 1st it was 2 rows behind then suddenly the entire of my row went like forward joining the 1st row =.= Me Joleen and Sandra was left behind on that 2nd row. Then when they finish moving only the ask if I want to join them infront... I was like right. But there was just 1 seat left. I said no thanks. Even if there is 2 I will not move because that would be bad for Sandra to be alone back there. And those know me I don't like to leave anyone behind.

Right so I went and scout around and I saw the front gang in the front row seat. I was happy for them as I could also made some trips infront if I want to take photo then I won't be stared by strangers angrily. Then came the wise decision of a few people which sounded like this...

"Ei you seat on the floor la nobody will care one"

This was not 1 person. This is several person and I am talking about like the entire row of seats belongs to us. Like 15 or something like that all seated down. Then I saw one empty one which I merely just resting my butt on it when the comments come

"Ei that one is so and so's seat you sit on the floor la"

I was totally mad at that point of time. Dah lah I tau I have chosen which position I will be in during the queue, Dah lah you all don't want to researve seats for your less passionate gang back there. Dah lah you all don't want to offer your seat for me but ask me sit on the flooooor? excuse me? This is common curtesy... Don't offer something that is less than good. At that point I was beyond words, smile have left my face. I went back quietly and seated down closing my eyes and just wondered at the people that I have been so called 'leading' (I used so called because I wasn't sure anymore)

I did not make any comments then because then everyone will get up and say "Eh you sit here la" blablabla. I guess it is like what Jesus felt when 1 out of 10 return. Jesus ask "why only you come back? I healed 10 didn't I?" But for my case, it is 0 out of 10 return in this context at least.

Sure, it is concert, and Adrenaline pumping and decision or comments made are not from the brain anymore but a rather a spontaneous action but a spontaneous action is always the one that will show your character the most. Right? Maybe not.

I lost my apetite for photography at that point. I told Jo that after shooting an empty stage that - That is my only shot for the night. I am not going to shoot anymore.

Good thing when the music started I felt way better. But still no photoshoot. I only had my mood back after the sermon to shoot. But that is another story for another day. For now it will be this.


Joleen said...

yea was shock when u say u not shooting photo. Glad that u shoot later on XD

Aaron's Photography said...

Only got to shoot 5 good pics before the security told me not to shoot. After that sermon, adi din bother to shoot photos liao.

John, next time if got things like this, we buy our own tickets. Those who cannot even bother to do simple things don't deserve to go at all. Sorry for all the hassle you have to go through with the tickets, and i still owe u one buck.

Joash Wee said...

Hey john, sorry for the hair-raising experience you went through for the tics. Thanks a lot for getting me those tickets.
Appreciate it.

angeliCassie said...

*hides with shame* i'm really sorry bro john..pls forgive me *big wet eyes* and really thank you so much for the ticket

:: J o h n :: said...

Joleen - I am glad I shot after that because i have some great shots which I gonna post soon

Aaron - post your pics also la.... and no I am not that crude hehe but probably someone else should feel the pain and try doing it instead.

Joash - You're welcome dude. You I passed you the tix so yea no worries great night I suppose

Cassie - Birthday mmg tai sai k. Don't sweat it.

Anonymous said...

1stly- thanks for the tick.
2nd-"when they're older, they'll understand."
3rd lead by example. if you expect ppl to be passionate. you have to be too. as a youth leader. cuts and bruises are part of the ministry description. although only 1 came back t thank Jesus, but Jesus still healed all the 10 regardless. thats just life. is that gonna change the way you view ministry? it should not. ministry is more than just ppl being grateful.

we're servants.