Streamyx is messed up beyond description. Well, yea. 1st they cut torrent speed then now they even cut google speed and everything with google. Streamyx oh streamyx... don't you know the whole world revolves around google? Maybe it is a government punishing us for criticizing. HAH

Anyway YES HUGE THING is happening this weekend and I super excited can?

No I am not talking about Roy Durman... hehe although he is kinda cute (not physically)

No I am not talking about MTV Malaysian Artist Awards

I am talking about

Oh yes oh yes oh yes. This is dream come true. See they know me no money go US to attend their conference (which we planned to do) so they come here lor. I wish DC*B comes with them but no he is not T.T he did some euro and SA tour though

But anyhow, Chris Tomlin is good enough I suppose haha I am not his biggest fan here but I do like him because of his way of singing and I think he has got the flow. And of course I always prefer his fast song because super rock can?

Yea why am I blogging about this it is because I have read a few places they have toured and it is absolutely amazing! Brazil, Sao Paolo, Paris... And sad to say, we are the smallest venue for the concert yea too bad this is a Hillsong nation passion. I heard Manila (which they are there yesterday) sold 7000 seats, Jakarta, well they oversold so they find a new venue. Here, we oversold but decided that cramp sardin is alright for Malaysians. XD

Anyway, I am thrill to have read the Manila entry ahhhh can't wait. can't wait! I love the idea that the country hosting will have to pray for the next country. Like you know after us is Jakarta so we have to pray for them nice! This bring the whole world together don't ya think? Like better than facebook.

In any case, I am excited about tomorrow. I am not sure whether I can pay attention to service in the morning or not :p

nice! oh gosh. I forgot to ask if I can have a media pass. Oh wait my camera dosen't look like a pro yet. Just need a flash on top then I look pro. JUST YOU WAIT~~


angeliCassie said...

i shall make sure you concentrate in the morning service!hmmph

Joleen said...

passion is awesome!