Bali cont

Ah so this time the pictures are clearer because I shot it with my alpha instead of scanning it. HAHA weird I know... Anyway this is continuation of day 1. I am sorry there aren't many pic esp this one because I did not intend to blog about it before.

Anyway it must be amazing to recall back what where when I did 2 years ago. I do have good memory LOL. Anyway remember my lake on episode 1? It's call Berdugul lake (I googled) And we took a boat ride around the lake which they say takes 12 minutes for a circumference wor (big rite?)

Here is a resort I don't quite remember the name, but funny thing I took a lot of shot but it didn't turn up hmm. Anyway its a very nice resort 5 star if I not mistaken. In the opposite of the lake. At least 5 minutes to get there by boat.

Walao, the boatmen very keng lor carry polaroid around and ask us if we want to take photo with the resort or not if want he take (I am sure he will charge high for the polaroid) I said dowan lor. Not like I stay in that resort right? somemore we children so old liao take this kind photo also weird weird.

I think he got angry after that (no have extra money) and decided to not go the full circumference of the lake. WAH like that also can. But we didn't say anything lor after he throw us down lagi cham. So visit this lake if you're there... its really huge and beautiful..

We then visited a lot of places all high high, but I don't know for what. But this is the Paddy field that you'll see every 5 minutes. This is one of the better ones I shot. Really alot one ler. No kid you. Well, you won't find people telling you about paddy field in Bali. LOL

We stop by a town right after that and see if we can buy anything. The town is so small that this is almost half the town already. Small right? HAHA

Yea it is imprinted there Deluxe Western Toilets (now you can imagine, what a non deluxe western toilet is) If you can see on the black board it is 5000 rupiahs! that is close to RM2 like the KLCC one. WALAOwei. no need so expensive can. Somemore write there so big. Now I did not enter that toilet because

1) my parents would have kill me
2) i couldn't justify that since I have not entered the Rm2 in KLCC also.

Our last destination is the Air Panas Banjar. This is erm hotspring, but everyone treat it as their public bath. -.- We did went in anyway. And it is really warm. I love warm.

This pic turned out to be not too nice. But yea that's my family and a stranger. Actually in my previous previous bali post, I wrote about him, he is a farmer though only 20+ He did not have money to study after high school..

And thus ended my day 1. We had erm hotel food again I think. That's all for my day. It took one whole day to go through all these (you can inmagine how the travel is like. Hilly, Lakey, etc and still no beach in Bali... next up ->>>> The dolphins!


frachely said...

nice pic!

eh bra u look nude in that hotspring pic hahaha

but has it been 2 years already (@_@!!!!) so fast!!!

:: J o h n :: said...

haha i am half nude only ok ok ok haha the water is mirky that's why

i would say close to 2 years la. but yea that is 'tad' fast HAHAHA

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

Anonymous said...

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