Bali Dolphins

Ah finally got some engine going. Lol Superbusy at work due to pile ups. Anyway, We've finally come to our highlight of the trip (sort of)

Despite my complains that we were super duper far off from the main city, Good news is, there is some attraction here that is seeing wild dolphins... Now I have not seen a tame dolphin so it is still pretty excited thing to do right?

Wrong! We have to wake up like 5a.m. (If you live in the city, you have to depart by cab by 2a.m.) Nice? you bet. And like so coincidentally right, our boat motor have some problem like what? There's like 15 boats or more like from different resort la all left! GOSH! we had on off problems and it wasn't until 15 minutes later we caught on. And the location of the dolphins were like at least 1KM away T.T By that time it is already consider LATE and dolphins are you know going back to the deep already (They comes out in the morning to feed on fishes)

Anyhow, we still manage to see some dolphins, Though they say if we were earlier, there are more in group hunt. And its not like the dolphins do show for you lor. They too busy eating so we have to chase here chase there one lor and so hard to catch. Anyway, here's what they look like

We saw this all the time Yeah that's the tail

This one at least better still... lol got 2 dolphins

This one best can! Haha I love this shot, looks like some kind of whale... Hmm yea lor

I took lots more dolphin but all looks the same... So if you expected some cute dolphin face sorry lor... and if you expected some mid-air jumping dolphin also sorry lor they dun hiu you one. And after that we paid the boatman some more tips and he brought us to see coral fish. Walao. All dead corals. lol

I don't know how he sleep lor. The boat is seriously slim. We sit in then cannot move di. Much like kayak I suppose but really if you lost balance then you get a good dip! lol

Oh ya just to clarify, The resort I live in is not in the paddy field but it is beside the beach. And yes the whole of Bali the beach looks like the one in the photo!! (except Kuta and Sanur beach) MY GOSH. How to enjoy -.- Beside the dolphin trip, I never did walk the beach because it is full of salesmen! -.- Like beli in beli ini murah.... and all trying to snatch business. If you buy from one you got to buy from all AHHHH crap.

Anyway, that's our boat there at the right. Its call.... Dolphin Dreaming. Hmm...

Then I took the opp to shoot some self portrait in our beautiful resort but not nice also lol. What to do this is Film SLR mar hahaha.

This is an Island that loves flowers. Everywhere is flower... more so, flower art, They make good flower art. I say they have sense of art esp colours. It is so nice. (Btw, the flowers are floating above the water) They change design everyday. Man! Such Passion lol

I then notice a nice chopper bike and hop on it and snap a pic of it. LOL.

Oh, we're going to the town next. Yeah a 3 1/2 hour drive to town and come back here for the night. Actually by now, we're used to it already LoL.


frachely said...

nice shorts HAHAHAHHAA

:: J o h n :: said...

I bought there one... RM10 I think at the waterfall because my pants were wet LOLx... I likey it so much i bought somemore I think lol

Joleen said...

nice dolphin lol