Rebirth of Indulgence

Its really late now to blog and I might talk crap. Pardon me after a whole long day of running here and there and just came back from church. This whole weekend is too overwhelming for my response. I feel joyous and sad at the same time. Probably passion has come back. Oh boy....

It all started when me and my dad was talking about how Catholics are being ignorant, following blindly whatever the father said a few nights ago. No no I am not talking about Catholics now, but rather the ones that I read from Sejarah. The one that talks about how they can buy indulgence for their sin.

And just right after that I walked into the church for a Prayer meet and my heart sank to the bottomless pit seeing how a church with 130 members are supported by 30 members foundation. And some I am sure came unvoluntarily. If I were to draw it out, this is how it looks like...

But that's beside the point that I wanted to make lol. Just feel like getting that out of my head. So happen this weekend also is one of the church's conference in Sunway Pyramid convention center. If you've heard of it, Its EMERGE.

My brother went of it. Well actually he went for a couple of emerge already and it seems from what I hear from him, Its getting worse every single year... Yeah everyone who goes emerge is always saying, 'DUDE you got to go hear it' But sadly from what I hear from them, Its sad that they have gone that far out. Its like growing business. Doing things attracting people to come to service, while I'd agree with that method but the principles are all wrong. wrong. wrong.

This is nowhere to be confirm because I did not personally experience it and only hear it from my brother so I'd probably really confirm and only blog about it once I find out more. But yeah sad to say, they have stray really far away. I am talking about blibically WRONG kind of way. Yet people cheer and clap towards that. My brother too got it all wrong. Though he sorta does not agree much with what the speaker says, he sort of much buy into his 'blibical' teaching.

I know you probably go ??? right now. But I shall continue about this soon after this.

To be continued.


frachely said...

why is the one at the far right, second rows tanding on other's leg 1, cheerleading issit hahhaa -_-

angeliCassie said...

whyyyyy you keep ppl in suspense like be continued?@-@