Facebook Really Keng

A while ago, If you notice my tumblr's scrap book, I posted some picture of my childhood friend.

They were like my bestest of friends. But I totally lost contact with them because I schooled with them for 4 years while I was in Sarawak but then later I came back. Sadly the book that I asked them to write their names and things like that, both did not write their address. Although that time I clearly remember their address but it was soon forgotten.

I have missed them for few years already and lately I lie awake and think of ways of finding them back. You know like 'Ah Liang' in 'Chao Ji Xin Qi Tian' LOL but I tried with the simplest method I facebooked their names. And I typed - Belinda Kong And pop this...

And her profile has nothing one at 1st now got things la I straight asked her and the below conversation took place

This is crazy right? right? right??? The world has shrunk because of facebook. I mean like oh man. I am speechless.



frachely said...

provided that they DO use facebook haha

John said...

That is of coz haha

Joleen said...