Alpha Convention Day 1

YeaH! Actually today honestly was a bit waste of time. We went super early also (I didn't intend that. Didn't drive) But we reached about 1.30 Then saw the time table Walao wei 3.30 only start and then until 4.30 (guess because of Malay prayer also)

By the way. The entire convention that I am attending, is FREE!!! who say no FREE things on earth hur hur hur?

So anyway yea. Got myself registered. This is me queuing up to take laptop sleeve for Cassie -.- queue almost 20 minutes. well anyway I am FREE also wert HAHA

Actually when we walked in, we saw this awesome Harley Davison (dunno which model apparently it was a limited edition) yea so me and Aaron was pausing there and shoot the bike.


The models came up and we were like. HECK I want to shoot bike only can or not? (of course we didn't say la) But really what's with chicks and auto shows? They make the bike look good or the bike make them real good? HAHA

But either way it is a sure way of attracting real a lot of guys. They shoot the girls la haha. Actually got a girl in pink also. So cannot say the guys all bian tai la right

And when I say a lot right, I MEAN really A LOT of photographers so I take them taking the Model.

But I already have a girlfriend and scared she will kill me and I really do love taking object more than models I have to resort to taking pictures like...

these... Eh why got another model behind. URGH!

They also put up lenses and camera for you to test shoot and hopefully buy their lens (one lens they cover your cost of convention for 3 years) So I nothing to do and the rest of the guys shoot models right? I went and test lor...

I tested this

The F2.8 50mm macro lens.

(Macro is basically shooting objects real close)

How close?

This close. How much is the lens? It is erm RM1700 (see what I mean by covering the cost?)

Alright finally the show started at about 3.30 and Yea I love the big a at the back of the stage there. That's George... alpha's product manager and marketing.

And so as you know today was the launch of a900 nationwide and yes he did just that.

He asked a model to like carry in the a900. She won the model search Yea at least better than the biker girls HAHA. Oh that's about the a900 I shot today (I know I am a failure...)

That's er Kris Leboutiller and he works for National Geographic Travel photography he works a lot in Asia and yea he shares with us a little on the camera but mostly on his way of photographing and his images are stunning. I didn't manage to take. But maybe tomorrow. He is quite a funny guy but apparently its not that kind of joke that Msian understands.

The stuff he is holding is actually sticker. And every person who participate and questions gets a sticker. The more sticker you collect, the better chance you walk away with a900 at the end of the convention. I don't plan to participate because I'll miss a lot of session hehe. We'll see

So, that was about it on the 1st day. I was fairly disappointed because we don't have a longer talk of Kris, and that they are not like Apple convention where attendees get to try out the new product after the show. We didn't even see it display out HAHA

Just what is a900 right? Erm let's just say that's the most powerful weapon.

-24.9Megapixel (ok this is just about the best thing already)
-cost RM9999.00 (yea I know this is a lot. Grab more stickers!)

Yeah we'll see how it goes tomorrow. Probably get some shots of the a900 and shoot more exhaust pipes.


Joleen said...

hei u can shoot the gals of course lol

:: J o h n :: said...

haha just kidding la...