Convention Day 2 & 3

Ah day 2 and 3. Actually apart from the 1st day I didn't really quite enjoy myself because I was partly busy and also the place is crowded. The talks were a little boring and short (mainly talking about setting up photography business) that could be Sony asking the speakers to go that direction... so, you earn more money, you buy lenses, they untung, sama sama untung. HAHA

Alright we had lunch in Al-Nafourah again and me and Jason was like... AGAIN? We wanted to go down but then decided nevermind la. FYI, LeMeridien is my client and I handle their restaurant's e-Newsletter so I probably know their menu and promotions at the back of my hand.

So yea I pretty much went home after the lunch.

Day 3...
Again rushed from church and didn't seems to catch much food. Went for the wedding photography talk and it was really boring because he was telling how to start wedding photo business. I was dozing off and that's when my phone rang and I got to know that my office was theft.

At break time we went to shoot with the a900 woohoo. Yeah that is erm Aaron...

We shot... The Harley again

Thankfully, there was no model on the Harley Davison this time.

Ok. Just how insane this camera is. It is 24MP (enough to blow you away. 1 JPG image is roughly around 8mb? and this is the shot. Of course the lens is crazy as well. So it captured huge amount of details

The one in the circles are 100% cropped. Sadly because a lot of people were queuing up so I quickly shoot this and after a few shots I left. I probably could come up with a steadier image if people hadn't rush me.

Again from the same picture 100% cropped. A lot of details.

Before the convention there was this blogging contest but I didn't enter but Azrin won. His entry was really kinda creative and touching. Check out his blog... got 5 part to the story.

During the convention also they ran a contest to see who ask the most question gets the most stickers. HAHA. some cheated but I am glad this uncle won. Heard he is from some journalist. Sure old timer. Good that he won because then the forum will be less poisonous.

Got to take a picture before I leave. LOL chun?

This team worked super super super hard during those days security and also ushers. so they deserve a pic here. LOL

Grouppie time. Spot me. the photo taken by KJ. Whoever you are, thanks. There was another camera believed to be better picture but dunno who took it.

Ok freebie was this. The laptop sleeve which now belongs to Cassie and also the Alpha Lens vest. It is super pokety that it can fit chunks of elephants in it. I don't know want to sell or not because it is rather useless to me at this point of time plus it makes me look fat

OKOK. the one with the big a is alpha vest which I got from the previous seminar.

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