Elluminatography - Intro

Ok guys, I feel like am going to start a new section here and I'll come out with a tutorial on photography. Why? Because I see a lot of your photos are either underexpose or just plain too bright or just plain blur and ugly (frankly speaking)

In the end I just want to talk abit on photography on something I really like and hopefully it'll help some one so if I have helped you let me know that I did.

So today I'm just going to give a little intro on exposure... It just does not justify when you spend 20 minutes fixing your hair and pose for camwhoring and your picture turn out to be rubbish... *maybe you think its awesome coz u are in it* Haha.

Photography = Capturing Light. Simple enough? YES!

However when you set your cameara to "no flash" or just "auto" its just not as accurate and you see image like this

This usually happens when you shoot at night and usually in dark places. This is exactly what happen when someone took my camera and randomly snap people at Nat's farewell at her house. Most of the shots turned out like this

Why don't on flash? Well, I have seen a lot of people refuse to on the flash because they say the picture are too bright and harsh. I agree. I hate flashes as well but now I totally agree. However given situations I really prefer not to.

But sometimes the pictures (although rarely on a compact camera) will turn out over expose

In this case, there's too much light coming into the camera usually when you shoot sky or bright places.

This is almost near pefect exposure but still need a little tweaking

Ok it's still abit dark and because of the speed and my camera can't focus well and its still blur. But how

I shot all 3 in my room at the same lighting btw... And its really really dark when I shoot this. So we'll be looking at how to get the correct exposure and ditch away the auto mode. Because if you want to control your image quality we got to get rid of the green logo... (the auto mode) 

So we'll be learning all the technical datas like shutter, aperture and also ISO and of course many more to come. And of course applying and practicing is the best key to success. 


Felicia said...

great lesson. will be one of them following it =) really need it to get better camwhore pics XD (not that is bad at the moment, i think and hope not) =D

frachely said...


so nostalgic! haha but i forgot 90% of it already (-.- ")

eh my nikon is still faulty i think the same thing happened to w'ching (T___T)

:: J o h n :: said...

Awesome! will be glad to teach...

LoL I think you pretty much forgotten everything already la Rachel.

Allen Tan 陈亚伦 said...

It takes pains to memorize manual operation.

Joleen said...

i forced to give cool and complicated look in front of the camera all the time >.<"" -> become John model MUAHAHAHAHHA

:: J o h n :: said...

Lol I guess we all have to learn haha anyhow it serve as a journal for me and also I got nothing better to do so yes.