My New Coat

You know ever since I saw Martin Smith and Delirious performed here in Malaysia... (No Doubt it was the best concert I've been to and became a fanboy ever since) What really struck me was that Martin looks gorgeous in that suit of his. It is like dude who wears them in Malaysia on stage with lights flashing on you? But then he stood out. So I guess suits wasn't just for CEOs

I love coats. Maybe I am that old to love coats. I know I know Baggy pants and jeans works for you!

And then in came Jars of Clay and their awesome coat studio photos and I really think that is awesome

But to make a coat cost like expensive so I put out that idea for a long time although I kept thinking about it until my gf kindly told me that she's going to buy me a coat for my birthday. I was like WHERT??? But of course am very happy because I can finally look like Martin Smith Cannot sing nvm but look can di

At 1st I was like ah cool then we went to SG Wang and custom make a coat for me. He made coats for my dad and I went and did this

Its Aaeger Mate in SG Wang same floor as the bombastic phone sellers

And then after some tryouts, 2 weeks later I got my first suit!

Tada! Erm it is in black...really one. But because I was playing with the flash and it turned out erm brown...

Nice ler putting my name on it so no one would steal it. Actually you steal also cannot fit in because I made it slim fit >.<

Due to low visibility, me tired after wedding (not mine) and horriblily stink, I look horrible on my face so I decided to cut it off and show this instead.

I know you all want to see my in my new coat and everyone's like saying so the only time we get to see it is when you get married? (haha no, I already got another coat in mind HAHA)

Well to be honest, I don't really know what I gonna use it for or when I gonna use it for because there are not many formal events and got also people still come in slippers so oh, I don't know lor.

Ok la I know you all not satisfied seeing me in that half cropped up coat of mine... I show you la how I look like in the awesome suit. But don't laugh ar...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Za dou or not? so how? You think I got a chance to become the next bond? I super look like the poster can?


Joleen said...


angeliCassie said...

oh my brother funny..i had to cover my mouth and giggle cause cannot laugh out loud..late already..

but it's so FUNNY hahahahahaha good one!

and yea you look awesome in a kinda turns a boy into a man =p i won't wear slippars to your wedding..i wear flip flops HAHA

frachely said...

aww johnny boy the bra is all grown up! haha nice suit!

:: J o h n :: said...

Joleen - Thanks

Cassie - Yea Laugh loud loud lol a boy into a man hur

Bra - Thanks WEI~~~ =)

Padawan #1 said...

Super nice :D

Amira said...

have to admit tht suit is awesome! they really did it up nicely and u look very smart in it. Too bad you dont have many places to wear it at! just make sure u dont grow taller or change ur weight :p

:: J o h n :: said...

Lol Padawan#1 Thanks

Amira, HAHA 1st comment on my blog. Thanks. DOn't think i'll grow tall... fat then maybe -.- okok cannot grow fat

~Felicia~ said...

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha etc

Allen Tan 陈亚伦 said...

Can form a band with some guys wearing smart suits. Then kongsi open a cafe with dim lighting effects. It only operates at night. The band will perform sentimental music, and christians bring non-believers so as to enjoy christian friendship.

Allen Tan 陈亚伦 said...

Ya, forgot. No need waiters and waitresses. The Christians will help to serve others.

Skolblog said...

Loose the glass and tilt down yur head but let the eyes focusing the camera. Smirk a little. <-- im was in a Tyra Banks alter ego.


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