Kevin & Rachel's Wedding (Dinner)

OK. very long no photoblog This is a long dued post. It's my colleague's (who happens to be my boss) wedding Haha. I was the photographer for the event and it was real tiring! The pictures didn't turn out too great because

1) I was using the my boss' camera which I am not use to it. but he got flash gun what to do
2) the venue wasn't that nice. Its a typical Chinese Wedding kind.

So I chosen some of the best pics that I could get hold off.

That's her niece I think she's adorable. Really.

And here's come the bride. All dress in white (got purple also lah)

Another shot entering the hall. Small hall actually.

I did not take a single food there because you know I don't even have time to eat. So fast this and that.

Champagne Ceremony

Time for some yumseng time

Abit focus wrong part. Eh why i kutuk myself haha

I like this can? haha although this could be better if the bride's face is in the picture. Then again, it is so hard and cramp to move about so yea good thing I am small

Ok Last and final pic for the dinner

This is what you give a camera to the drunk looks like. And although I look red, I am not drunk. Its very hot outside.

LoL my gf did sing a song at the Karaok booth but I didn't manage to grab good picture of that.

Ok that's it for this round. the next day punye photos are nicer coz it is daylight and I got my alpha with me. ;)


angeliCassie said...

your boss look like a small boy who found a pot of gold in the sandbox at his playground haha

Joleen said...

my hair so messy

frachely said...
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:: J o h n :: said...

Haha I have to delete some comments as my colleagues do read my blog occasionally lol