No Kidding. Finally back home. Peaceful.

Anyway. This is an really restrain trip. Crowds, Rain. Not that we can help it but we do make the best out of it. The amount of crowd is amazing. I have been to Malacca for like ages. But this time it is the worst of the crowds I've seen.

I lost a lot apetite taking photos during this trip because of rain and crowd and rushing for time. Anyway, we do make the best out of it. And while I compile the rest of the photos, here presenting to you the various CROWDS!

The queue is super long for this original Chicken Rice Balls. The imitation Chicken Rice Balls are also long. At least hmm 2 hours of queue I would say

This was taken outside the hotel restaurant in Port Dickson. At least 2 hours to finish the crowd. Thankfully, we were early.

Dinner also waited at least 30 minutes. 

This is the gang that were travelling.  Using flash to conquor the bright sunlight behind. The powerfulness of Flash. =)


Joleen said...

scary crowds -.-"""""" holiday makes ppl cant rest haha

:: J o h n :: said...

yea too many for my liking -.-