Pattaya Jomtien Beach

Pattaya, besides the awesome Vegas like clubs area, is a great place to chillax.

After 4 days and 3 nights in the hectic bangkok life, I figured that we should just spend 1 night at the beach and just relax.

The beach isn't that super beautiful but it is way better than Port Dickson and it is really the community there that made the beach area happening. It is just like Bali but the beach is 10 times as long.

Pattaya is really a very happening place really.

It was used as an R&R for the US army during the Vietnam war.

Russia also began to used this place as their tourist getaway. At 1st I don't get why so many weird words until I realise that they were in Russian. And yes massage is real cheap.

The Middle Eastern people comes here to smoke shisha.

The South Korean tourist are also is plentiful here. In fact the walking street is full of South Korean family tourist. The Indians also had its communities here. Seems like we are the only Malaysian here.

Whatever their tactics were, I'd say their tourism totally kicked off here in Pattaya. You'll find more tourist here than in Bangkok. In fact, they can speak better English than Bangkok people ever do.

I booked a hotel amongst literally hundreds of hotel along Jomtien Beach. It is next to the beach separated by the road.

Nothing really special here except for their pool which we did not used also.

This is almost like a candid street shot. lol


And I did jet ski because I was bored after awhile of chilling

550baht for 30 minutes ain't that bad.

And after that I just took my camera fitted with some lens and went around the beach shooting stuff. So here you'll see photos and lots of them =)

Blue Chairs


Lazy chairs can be rented for 25baht for whole day. Worth it IMHO

My Feet

Unrented tubes?

Food sellers are really everywhere.

Sand temple? woot?


Unrented chairs

This kid is so cute. I kinda caught this 'in the moment' which I kinda like hehe.

Street nearby. I realised that I did not take much of the street.

This is exactly why the tourism boom. I mean come on can you find a currency converter in PD? I guess not in Pattaya too that is why they have a mobile one. How cool is that?

The following day I woke up real late and after lazying on the bed for a long time, I went to massage and after that saw some fishermen just returned from their trip and so I shot some.

It must be expensive for them to own something like this.

Towing their boats to the shore.

Exchanging catch of the day.

The Catch of the Day.

And that's it. That's all I got from Jomtien beach. Peace!~


Joleen said...

syiok!!~~~ the boat one

frachely said...

eh smile la u look very pissed in that chillin photo haha