The Canton-i

Right before Kimberly and Ang flies back to the land with greener grass, we met up again in Canton-i Pyramid. I was late but I can't really remember why. So the rest was done with dinner and me, I didn't eat. Whip out camera and flash and pretty pictures haha.

Big group. We have Shin Yih and Yi en in which only Kim has that large database of friends.

Canton-i famous flower tea.

Ang bought a big Mashimaro for his gf...

Li Cheng looking depressed Jim as usual.


Me and my female friends which I do not need to camwhore with...

This is everyone. Erm minus Ah Fatt and Li Cheng.

Ok that's it. Me, Kim, Shin Yih and Ang went Starbucks after that because there's still much to catchup before they fly. And all of the sudden they start letting out fireworks outside of pilamid so we got some nice view over in Starbucks new wing. I am caught off guard so I did not have any nice fireworks pics.

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