Who has our data?

Law to catch up with NS dodgers soon

That was the headline of an article found on the newspaper. In short, they are out to get those people (fine them) who had previously dodge NS.

Remind me again, how long has the NS being set up? 6 years? Yes it is. And for 6 years there is not a system that can track down missing people? Well, that's not very surprising at all.

“We have already given their names to the police and we believe these are with the Attorney-General’s chambers."

This is what that person have to say and he 'believed' that it is with so and so. Means he is not really sure of this. Now, why can't they go straight direct to whoever that's missing and give them a fine? Of course not... We have too many 'bodies' which do not linked to each other.

I was just thinking. What happens when we commited a crime? And leave behind finger prints? Do the police able to track down the prints? Do they have access to JPN or do they have to go to JPN and search manually? These, we do not really know. Of course talking about fingerprints it is easy, auto or manual it gets done. What about DNA? yea sure they can get a hairs from our body, saliva or whatever but if they have no match to their database, how are we to be caught?

Likewise, those that got summon from their local council MPSJ etc etc do not have to pay their summons because they are not linked to JPJ like seriously how can they not do that. Oh of course they don't have a single system I presumed. I presumed that their own body look for their own supplier to develop system.

One of my friend did escape NS he kept deffering because of studies for many years now and one fine day, his record just disappear from NS database. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE???????

Oh well, NS is stupid. Really. Finally, Looking at the statement below, I understand why NS existed.

“They now know that this is not military training. In fact, more countries are now looking at our programme because it not only helps enhance unity but helps to instil the spirit of patriotism,”

Any 5 year old will tell you its stupid. patriotism in what? how is NS serving the country?

Oh wait, when war comes, NS trainees are suppose to help in war just like Singapore, HongKong right? But hang on a minute, if you can't track down those escaped from NS in the 1st place, what make sure you can track down those that have been to NS? Maybe you are right, you need to bank on 'patriotism'

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