The humid days.

It is just insane living this 2 days. The weather is humid and hot like anything. The air conds were in full blast and yet it gives no sign of functioning like an air cond.

Stepping out is just crazy. But all in all, we love to complaint about every single thing. Sunshine = too hot. Rain = moody/can't go play Both weather = The weather is crazy don't fall sick.

The earth changed its direction. The stars are kinda close these days or the sky is actually kinda clear. There were lots of stars these few days if you've notice. And it changed its position. How do I know? I looked it up everyday. And I think I've spotted the full ORION rather than just his belt.

Stars are amazing. They never seems to change its position after thousand of years it still remains the same. What's more amazing is actually the God who created it. Don't you think so?

I left my tripod thingy in office. Regretted it lots because the sky has so much to tell these few days. I hope it does not change when I get my tripod thingy back. Hope to shoot them. Totally random, I know.


frachely said...

I see full Orion quite often wor. I only saw the southern cross or sth like that twice or something in m'sia.

And it should be gone soon because spring is here mwahaha

If you keep on looking you'll see more and more stars appearing as your eyes get used to it

frachely said...

"it" being orion not that southern cross thingy -,-

John said...

Hhaa orion is always there but the prob is haze is always there also haha

frachely said...

i say gone cuz the earth moves yo. so it looks like those constellation change their position.

And orion is a winter constellation la, by this time you won't be able to see it anymore in countries like Japan, etc