A year of meetups

2009 has been a year of meetups and catching friends that have not seen in ages.

1st of course me and my skola mngah friends

Inspired by me, Joleen met her friends too. She studied in all girls school, hence the girls. Quite pretty haha

Then it was college sem1 friends which includes Jennifer Joleen Daniel and Bee Bee in Manhattan fish market

Then met up with the form 5 gang that was close right after form 5 but split after a while. Great to meet up in Paparich.

And of course met up with an impromtu Cat's birthday party with Catherine and Rachel the bra.

Ok I guess that's about the meetups.

P/S... I know some of you all are waiting to hear how I propose. Erm, that would be after 2 more photo post perhaps hehe =)

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Joleen said...

yea i meet up my primary school friends too =)