The email scpams are back (3)


The internet isn't all heavenly goody good good stuff. While most people rely on google and wikipedia (which is also awesome) there are just bunch of rubbish out there and usually it gets sent to our inbox.

While I thought generations today are smarter but tad much, I am taken aback really on how much we trust and relied on the internet or emails that gets sent to us. For one, we need to differentiate between fact and fiction. The photos that got attached, we need to see if it is photoshopped

Just a week ago, I've heard a testimony from one of the uncle in the church and how he got mugged by Samseng Jalanan. While the entire story is not to be laugh about and this is something we should be cautious at, part of the story caught me off guard.

He was at the bank's ATM in the morning and he got mugged. He was force to take out money from his ATM. Then he recalled that he read an email stating that if you key in your ATM card backwards, the police will come. And so he waited but no police came. Then he go on and say that the his name was shown on the screen but the money did not come out.

Now, any Malaysian will tell you that IT IS NOT POSSIBLE. With the current advancement we got in our country where can ATM link to POLICE? I bet they haven't even thought of that. 1stly, it cost a lot of build a system that will recognise a 'reverse backward keyed ATM' 2nd to have the device sound an alarm to the police is very unlikely. Even if it is likely to be true, That does not mean petrolling police will receive such information. Which means, if this is possible, the Police will have to come from their HQ (wherever they are).

But what was really amusing is that a bunch of uncles then came and sit around after service and disccuss over this matter and one of them said. Maybe the police still sleeping. 0_o which makes me really amuse because, THEY ALL BELIEVED!!

Well fellas, the MPSJ summons are not even linked to JPJ road tax which means that if you don't pay your MPSJ fine you still can renew your JPJ. What makes you think then there is such high tech system now?

And to think of it, won't it be easier to just install a single (or multiple) alarm button like the fire alarm that once you press you sound the alarm? or Better still. put an option in the ATM machine saying "HELP I AM MUGGED" just right below widrawal button. Or better still just wack the fella.

My point is, Don't simply believe in the internet or the email. Examine it properly that it is logical and if pictures, no sabotage has been made.


Aaron's Photography said...

sad to say, but people do believe the most ridiculous of things..

Anonymous said...

all atm have CCTV monitoring. at different angles.i've heard chin hoe talk about it cause his bro works in a bank. so when kena mugged. just pray, give them anything they want. and just approach the bank to get the cctv footage later.