Christine's Birthday

My brother asked me why I don't want to clean up more on my pictures because they are ugly. I only have one answer. I will brighten the images but I don't fake it! Haha.

Aha I better get the Christine related pic up before she fly away and everyone points finger at me haha

We surprised Christine a day before her birthday at her house and it did work! aha


They off the down stairs light and say there is no eletricity -_-" how lame was that. But her mom was like I need you come down help me find candles. Ok that was lamer...

I manage to take a few pictures but I lazy to put here la coz all not that nice so I just put some candid poser pictures

This was the few people who went. This is the erm stupid pose

This is erm the stupid pose again



Uncle Joe

Debbie (actually debbie is already there cos she's her sister haha lame betul)

Some random pic at KFC before heading to Dusun Eco Resort.

Another random pic, we hit Pavilion mall after checking Dusun Eco. Aha this was nicer than the one XP STEPH FELI took. Hehe...

Ok I suppose next up is going to be Chris' farewell dinner.


Joleen said...

the last pic is nice! coz of the pink colour hahahaha..

uncle joe need to take care of his skin and shave.....

angeliCassie said...

ohmygoshhhh bro john look at my double chin...what were you thinkingggg *grrrrr*

but eh thanks for covering my pimples ah..haha :)

Allen Tan 陈亚伦 said...

uncle joe's specs is old fashion. time to style up

Allen Tan 陈亚伦 said...

go to Guardian buy OXY Acne Wash. very effective

frachely said...

what lame I fell for the same trick before too okay somemore i thought i was very smart when the lights went out i looked at my window and thought wow it's pitch black but i forgot that i pasted sugar paper on my window (T___T)

Anonymous said...

thanks joleen i knew you always cared for me. hahahahaha