Angels and Demons (possible spoilers)

Alright, YES! I have watched it after so so so long.

I like the fact that it is way way way better than Da Vinci Code meaning, it is not as 'controversy' as some have enthusiastically brand Dan Brown's blasphemous writing. (Ok, too deep)

As you have already know (or not) Angels and Demons is also one of Dan Brown's carefully crafted book dealing with conspiracy or more so, I think he is in love with something we call the 'secret society' and this time it is a secret society of scientologist seeking to destroy the church or more so, the Catholic church in Vatican City which is the church of all Catholic church.

I like the fact that they combine modern tell tale on the LHC and how they linked the secret society to different churches in Rome and it is just plain awesomeness! Or frankly, I personally like all these treasure hunting movies like bang bang bang

It is rather controversial though because it is a show where the Catholics do not want to be conformed to the world of science which is why they destroyed the scientologist in the 1st place but yet their security systems is so high tech that the archive is made out of some high tech oxygen monitored room and the amount of Sony TV in their Vatican city itself is amazing.

Of course no one actually knows for sure all those stuff exist. It is purely Dan Brown's creation. Well, at lease most of it are. A quick walk though IMDB website clearly shows that it got a lot of facts wrong about Catholism in the 1st place.

This time round, I am sure glad they did not create much of controversial out of it. In Da Vinci Code, Everyone was like BOOOOOOO AHHHHHHH blablabla I personally have several DVD to counter Da Vinci Code.

To quote a friend, and I think she's right. The only one who created controversial about it are in fact Christians themselves. Actually if you watch it as a pure fiction, it is a rather enjoying movie. Of course if you want to go deep into debate on spirituallity then that's another story =)

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Joleen said...

it is a very nice movie =)

the writer is very smart. N i like this kind of writer.

btw i tot really got "angels and demon" fighting HAHHAA