Christine's Farewell


I am so the last minute.

This is for one of the coolest people I know.

Christine with Michelle and Yee Lyn

We went to eat at Italianiese. Chosen by, Felicia. Totally hilarious to bring kids to erm expensive place

Peter Ang with XP

The infamous no face Carmen & Kristy aka the chopsticks

I Looked so old here standing next to James dang~!

Didn't take the food coz was totally erm hungry.

Group Pic without Me

Group pic with blur Me

Erm we took turn give farewell speech. AHAH totally random.

Er the other bunch of people lol.

Later we went out take some more group pic.

And some more jump pic

And we went shopping in Pyramid but it was totally close so we take some pics and go home.

It was some awesome great time and surely those that will be missed.

I can hardly believe time flies by so fast actually awhile ago you were only form 1 then suddenly form 5. Actually it feels much longer than that LOL...

Ah there is just so much wishes to do but at the same time there's none. I guess there's just so much to tell that it is understood with a few words - I'll see you sometime soon.

Goodbye Christine and may you have fun in Coma, France. It is gonna be awesome!

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