I was suppose to blog about Jennifer's birthday. Now that got delayed! (again)

It's very interesting to note that the government has decided to quarantine people coming back from overseas. Yes particularly those coming back from the supposingly land flowing with milk and honey. Espcially America, Australia whatever else countries.

The quarantine, unlike the Hong Kong hotel 7 days lock down once H1N1 detected, Malaysia government launched a home quarantine. So you come back you stay back home and erm rot. Now how many of us here thinks we are such law abiding citizens? No? Precisely NO! We are not law abiding at all. Whatever to H1N1!

Some schools have been stopped when confirm cases arises. While school students celebrate an extra week of holiday, which isn't really holiday at all. My guess was soon they'll take up 7 whole weeks of Saturdays and began replacement classes in all schools with holiday. Yea and then our youth attendence goes low because of classes.

So in the end, I guess we have to point fingers. Yes I WANT TO POINT FINGERS today because I am utterly mad. So let's trace back the roots. The Pigs of Mexico. Yes you pigs of mexico. I know you're sad because I point fingers at you. But I got no one to point to.

All in all it was the plane that carried H1N1 to Malaysia. Globalisation does have its tolls as well. As much as we like to be connected, sometimes we wish to disconnect. We were free for a long long long time but thanks to the plane and of course summer holidays, we're now catching on. Yes don't expect a handshake from me soon. I am going to be unfriendly.


Joleen said...
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Joleen said...

erh, are u ok? LOL

i just ate pork jus now MUAHAHHAA

angeliCassie said...

hahaha bro john you very funny la..yess blame the pigs in Mexico!