He is accused so that you can be excused.

Have you ever apologise on behalf of something you did not do or something you don't know what you did? I did. Most find it hard to do that because it is not only a very hard thing to do but because we are all human. And we don't make mistakes. I always tell people that they should be the bigger person and forgive and forget. But some days it is hard especially when you are constantly being make fun and taken iightly.

That reminded me of how Jesus did it all for us. He apologised for the sins he did not do. He took the punishment for us who are well, sinners.

How hard must it been for him. How great is he a man and loving is he a father. The description that he was nailed to the cross was always gruesome. We all always have this image of him hanging on a perfectly shaped cross, measured and sawed to perfection, sanded down and bought from a furniture stall. Truth is, he was put on more or less a tree bark. Full of splinters or even the surface of tree itself was rough enough to cause further wound to the already skinless back.

Most importantly, the act was not appreciated. Your apologies are not accepted and on top of that, your name has been marked as rotten, spit upon and ridicule. How great is this love that Jesus did.

He is accused so that you can be excused.

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