Onward we go.

It has been pure joy to serve God. Onward we march from here onwards. It has been one crazy week. I have had so much thinking to do it is almost crazily tired. The future directions, Worship, plus the loads of work in office it is almost impossible to clear.

I've heard one sermon this week (from influence CD) that you got to really appreciate the position God has place you in work and you have to bloom wherever you are and most importantly realise that God will bless you wherever you work because of you! What a great word. Just like Joseph from the bible, God's blessing was AROUND Joseph not just on Joseph.

I truly believed that for some reason even before I heard that. My company's job never seems to cease. It is always projects after projects after projects after projects. In the economic downturn, it is still like that. We are hiring more and this time we're hiring Graphic Designer. Wow! The blessings of God just never ever ever stops! Although it is tiring, it is really a joy.

This week has come to an end and I am truly glad. It has been a hectic week that I rarely blog or shoot photo. Now, moving on. I need to get my photographic spirit back up. Seeya!

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Joleen said...

yea i also believe that God will bless the company even just through one person which is belong to God. :) nice post. glad u have a nice weekend