3rd world service : Maxis

Well today is just so unpleasant. I had my phone barred. Yea. How? Beats me.

So I purchase the iPhone right, I took idata 2 package which allows me to buy the phone for RM1599 which I have to pay RM50 per month for 500MB of 3G surfing. I had no choice that came with the plan.

Today my phone was barred. I login to maxis and my un-billed amount. RM273 I called them and guess what? We don't see you subscribe to any plan. WOW. like seriously how did that happen? I don't know. This is the king of line I am talking about here. I had ping pong session with them and they only can check my usage once my statement is out. yea.

They kept asking me do I want to subscribe tot eh 500mb package. I am like erm dude, I thought that was like what I subscribe to. What the heck. Ok so they say they'll get back to me which they did so that's a plus for them and so they called again and I was like Ok dude go investigate but can you un-bar my phone cause I need to use it.

Ok sir, that will be within 3 days.

What? 3 day? seriously? serious serious serious? no way to speed that up?

No way sir.

Doh die.

So in order for us to advance to 1st world we have to
  1. Mix up our own plans. For whatever reason tie and un-tie plan and make them confuse.
  2. Only can check usage when statement is out.
  3. Wait 3 days if you refuse to pay your bill because it has nothing to do with you.

So yea. phoneless, not that it matters coz I hardly call etc but what if emergency? HUH? HUH? HUH?


giovana@banana said...

Haiyohhh........don't need to be so fearsome on this matter. You still can sms and make calls. With your upcoming number soon. So just wait for it.

angeliCassie said...

you just tweet abt it then ppl will call you back HAHA

frachely said...

in the mean time use facebook to keep in touch haha apparently some stupid girl used facebook to ask her friend to call the police when she's trouble.

Allen Tan 陈亚伦 said...

maxis must compensate and admit their mistakes. or else write to some sources to brunt them down. anyway the star or nst won't publish your letters.

:: J o h n :: said...

They reopen my line because I kept tweeting them. with Thanks to Cassie.

The do twitter also they call me in response to that. Crap

frachely said...

that goes to prove that Maxis is slightly less 3rd world than AirAsia because they don't care abt what u tweet! haha