Extensive effort is always better than none

It was a night of surprise. No not really, but the effort that was put in was. No one leak info (of course Aaron wasn't in it) But the amount of effort to keep everyone from leaking is amazing...

The youths pulled a 'surprise' on me with the help of Joleen. But I told them my youth Pastor was PN and it totally fail every time because he was way too alert (except the one with the door on 5th floor and shift house and... dang we are good too).

So event leading to last night

  1. Fel texted me asking me where to eat for farewell that's cheap and affordable for her friends, I say Pappa Rich.
  2. Aunty Amy called me on Tuesday ask me if she can buy me dinner and discuss something, I say ok.
  3. Someone blogged about the event causing everyone to panic, Joleen asked me for my goog reader pw to logged into the account to delete that post but found I did not have the feed.
  4. Finished practice, asked to go PappaRich by Uncle Oliver and I knew.
  5. Good thing I went to the toilet in church before I left
  6. Parked my car and text Fel Wee saying I know something is up before walking to PappaRich (that's based on Twitter)
  7. Reach there and saw long table. I knew.
  8. They tried to put a huge plastic bag (from PappaRich) over my head but failed because I saw Fel's eyes kept looking at them
  9. Everyone comes out from the toilet which they were in since 6 and they sort of practice where they sit haha. (extensive point)
  10. They bring Joleen out (now that's a surprise)
The amount of background work done is not easy. Understandable. Appreciate the Effort, the night and now I am editing the pictures. (No, not really) Ok so yea Thanks again guys and girls and everyone who tried to kidnapped me.


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Felicia said...

hahaha...wrote everything down. will be more careful the next time..haha =) glad u and joleen enjoyed. all the effort paid off and at least one plan didn't totally failed! =D