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The last weekend, I did something different from just regular service. Instead of using bible to relate to the world, I started with the world relating it back to the bible. I also used a blessed technology - the Powerpoint I am not a powerpoint guy lol.

I talked on the issue on music. Something that is like I can totally do. I do that out of the blue because I've been hearing a lot of music on radio. While it is no surprise that those words are explicit, negative response, it is a shocker that people turn a deaf ear towards it, or simply brush it aside and say, neh~ it's just a song.

Being ignorant is not the key. So after some lookup and brushed up skill, I posted some lyrics to some of my friends to see their response. Their response is usually the same. WAH. WHAT SONG IS THAT? I tell them the song and they are like (0.O)! So I decided to do the topics based on music and culture. In fact I only cover tad much.

But all I can say and believe in at this point is to echo what Marilyn Manson says "Every culture is reflected by its artise". My encouragement to all youth leaders and parents is that hear the youths out. It's not that complicated. Listen to the radio you'll find what is lacking in their lives. Most people love songs that speaks for them. How I know? I was once in adolescences as well.

Needless to say, the culture of today is mostly pointing at sexual fulfillment, selling sex culture, selling body, making sex as just something that is fun and without commitment. Don't believe me? just turn into and listen to the lyrics properly.

In fact, when I show some of the lyrics up on the screen, they couldn't guess it. Much less believed what have they been listening to. We need to educate. Simply because music carries weight and not just entertaining. They do.

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♥~kimmy~♥ said...

agree.. that's y i don really like to listen to english songs..

words that sang from the songs.. i juz can't stand it..

that's i prefer oldies.. haha..