UMNO is not a racist.

I am fine with that statement made by our country's leader. But the following sentence killed it.

"The true meaning of racism would be like apartheid as previously practice by South Africa" True meaning? yea true meaning of racism that is. It is ok if you deny you're a racist but what's the problem here? using APARTHEID as the benchmark is just over the top ain't it my dear PM.

The use of the deep words is very clever. I did not know what APARTHEID was until I dictionary it. It means to be set apart totally sideline like the blacks are not allow to sit in this bus, only can sit the other bus meant for blacks etc. Deep words = people will less likely want to know if they don't.

Of course la UMNO is not racist when you raise the bar that high. Let's say you made enemy with your enemy, turn to a fight, you got angry go to him use a knife stabs him. But, he did not die. The court judge you guilty of murder, you stand up declare

"I am not a murderer. A true murderer would be like I stab someone and they die"

Stupid isn't it? Racist is racist is racist. If you're being spit at, that's not racist because you're not being treated like apartheid. You're just being spit at. Malaysia. We are a nation moving to developed country but so far, we're moving backwards. Backwards we go!

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frachely said...

aiya i have said many times and i'm gonna say it again. it's okay if you built a country that plays favorism but what's sickening is that those people are in denial and keep on promoting 'unity'.

to be exact it should be unity that doesnt hurt their interest